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Your Senior has reached a huge milestone, it's their last year at home, before they start their life's next chapter.  Who are they?  What are they passionate about?  Whether they play an instrument, are a dancer, or love cars, these are the activities we want to showcase in their portraits.  Their Senior Portrait can be a window into this chapter of their lives, a lasting memento of who they are.  Let's make history and help them, and you, capture this moment.


Life. Happens. My job is to be there to capture it happening.  Families change, children grow up.  It's so important to capture your family during these moments.  Family pictures don't have to mean Portraits, I consider them windows in time, your time together as a family.  Let me help you catch and preserve these moments through pictures.


Becoming a teen is exciting.  These are some of my best sessions.  Allowing your son or daughter to show who they are.  Around this age kids start picking out their own clothes and show their individual style. This is a great time to showcase who they are becoming as they come in to their own.  Let's show the amazing person they are!

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